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Welcome Pen SmilieThis is our first post and it is a BIG Welcome one.

What we are About

We are about giving value to business owners in the form of knowledge and education by business owners for business owners that share their thoughts and experiences in running a business.

If you’re still working for someone else while dreaming of running your own home-based business or if you’ve tried starting your own home business in the past, but failed … don’t give up on your dream.

The truth is more than 90 percent of home-based businesses fail in the first five years and knowing this is the first big step to your own success in business. Here’s why …

One of the biggest reasons so many fail is lack of knowledge and proper planning, and once you have the information you need and access to the right resources, you can make informed decisions that will support you as you advance in the direction of your dream.

If you’re ready to cross the bridge from employee to entrepreneur, a powerful first step is to bookmark The HBB Source, a FREE website/blog that delivers easy, practical information to help you build a profitable business without the overwhelm, stress, frustration and costly mistakes that often accompany it.

You’ll receive your first benefit as a subscriber immediately — a valuable self-assessment, “30 Critical Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting a Home-Based Business.” This tool will help you get clear on what is important to you, what you want from your business, and what you need to know and do so you don’t throw your money and time away on costly trial and error.

After bookmarking, take a few minutes to explore the pages and posts of the blog to learn more about building your online business. A beginners source for this whilst the HBB Source is being set up is at Entrepreneur.com and Wikihow

The only thing you need to bring is the right attitude motivation and commitment. Mix that in with what you have access to here and you will be living your dream of working from home faster and easier than you ever thought possible

Get excited about breaking free of your job and discover that realising your dream of being your own boss and working from home can be easy, enjoyable and achievable. It’s all about arming yourself with the right knowledge and turning that knowledge into focused action.

Success in business is a planned event and your journey to freedom as an entrepreneur begins right here, today.

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