New Local Business: Personal Injury Solicitors

In light of the recession and all the doom and gloom that the media have been reporting about the economy etc, I am very pleased to announce that there is a new local business that has already started up and running. They are in the legal sector and more specifically in the personal injury sector. They are Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester and can be found here:

How Personal Injury Solicitors Work

We have all heard those adverts that are constantly on TV it seems. “If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault, you could claim compensation” etc. Well, we are no different in that regard in that we will fight for you to regain the compensation you deserve (if your personal injury claim is legitimate and have been injured in a non-fault accident that is). However we differ in the sense that we will also be there for you in the time it takes for the case to settle. We will listen and support you in any way we can during the case. We will also endeavour to claim any aftercare/treatment costs that you may need depending on the type of injury you have suffered.

Even though we are brand new in the sector, our solicitors used to work for other law firms in the personal injury sector, thus are very experienced in it. Our aim is to only serve those who are in need and have a legitimate claim. The PI sector has been tarnished due to a lot of fraudulent claims made (mostly for whiplash, source) so our aim is to try and sift through the false claims from the legitimate ones and truly provide a great service to people whose lives have been turned upside down from a traumatic accident. We sincerely do hope that it is not a serious accident (such as brain injury for example) that can have a very detrimental effect on the individual’s life, as no amount of compensation can ever make things better.

Common Cases

The most common cases that we receive relating to personal injury are whiplash claims caused by road traffic accidents (or RTAs). There are a lot of vehicles on the streets of the UK and especially in the north west, where the m60 is almost constantly congested, thus the possibility that an accident will occur is higher. Most of the whiplash claims are not severe, however there have been cases where severe whiplash has been sustained by our client. This can, and often does have life long implications where the symptoms will continue to appear from time to time. This is where our help in getting the right compensation and aftercare costs (physiotherapy treatment etc) comes in very helpful to our client. Our aim is to minimise the pain and time it takes to recover by providing the relevant help and funding needed, so that the client can rest easy in the knowledge that we have handled everything for them.

Slips, trips and falls have been on a slow increase, however these cases are much harder to prove liability and can get quite complicated. For example, our client trips over a scateboard left on the pavement outside the neighbours house. Our client has sustained a fractured ankle. This is very difficult to get a positive outcome for our client because although the slip occurred on a public pavement, which would automatically mean that the council would be liable and therefor have to pay out compensation to our client, it happened by tripping on an object that wasn’t council-owned. This means that liability would be with the neighbour whose scateboard it belonged too. The neighbour however has not got insurance to cover this (as it is a very rare type of accident) thus would be very difficult to obtain compensation from the neighbour. The case is ongoing, however will possibly look to drop it as it would not be financially viable to continue with it in our assessment.


Prevention is better than cure. We know accidents do happen and sometimes they are unavoidable, so we say take preventative measure instead of injury. If however you have been injured in a non-preventative, non-fault accident and you wish to get the compensation you deserve, this is why people come to us.

Update: PISM have also become Criminal Solicitors Manchester and deal with CICA claims where clients have been involved in an accident that was due to a criminal consequence.

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