Breaking News: Increase in Tattoo Removal Demand

Laser Tattoo RemovalThe BBC released an article with a video a few days ago in regards to the growing demand for tattoo removal services. This article was specifically targeted towards laser tattoo removal and the NHS. (Here is the article)

This industry seems to be in a “boom” period as a lot of people in the past have got tattoos and a lot of people are still getting them. This has lead to a sharp increase of people wanting to get rid of their tattoos primarily because of regretting their decision to get one in the first place.

The sharp rise in this sector has been attributed to the past and present “celebrity-like” culture where a lot of people viewed as celebrities are getting “inked” and thus a fashion trend is born. This leads to a lot of younger people primarily (as their are easier influenced) wanting to be like their favourite celebrity and will copy them by the art of imitation. (They say it is the highest form of flattery)

The BBC article shows a young man from the north having his tattoo removed on the NHS because of the psychological problems it causes him. The NHS rarely approves of such procedures to be paid for by them because they class tattoo removal as non life threatening. If you are looking to get an unwanted tattoo removed the best place is to go to a clinic that is certified, has been performing these procedures for quite some time and has the right credentials when it comes to performing laser tattoo removal. (This site will give you advice on Tattoo Removal Methods:


Based on the BBC articles and the figures they are quoting for tattoo removal growth, this could be a great time to boost your online marketing campaigns in order to attract more customers to your clinic. My recommendations would be the following:

  • Update your Website – May sound simple but a lot of people are looking for this service using a variety of devices (tablet, mobile, desktop). Is you website compatible?
  • Engage with the Community – Make use of Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to reach out and join in the conversations that are happening online about removing of tattoos.
  • Email – Email Marketing is the biggest “underground” marketing method you can use to grow your business online. Are you utilising it?
  • SMS Marketing – This can be a big boost for local businesses especially as the prices are quite cheap (1cent a message) and the rewards quite substantial (around 95% of people will read a text within the first minute of receiving it).


This industry can be very lucrative as there is a high profit margin to be made. If you are not utilising the tools available to you for your online business, you are leaving a lot of “money on the table” for your competitors to swoop in and take it.

Some Tools and Resources on the subject:

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