About Us

The HBB Source was set up to provide tips, information and advice to business owners. Whether you work from home, have a small local business or a large one, the information should cater to all types of businesses and business owners.

Our Aim

Our aim is simply to be “The Source” for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn more about conducting a business online. Our website will act as a blog to provide valuable information to all different types of businesses in different markets. Advise will range from sales tips online, industry news, reviews, industry resources and other niche specific information that will help enlighten you on your journey to the world of online commerce lead generation and building a better and more sustainable business.

Who is behind The HBB Source

The HBB Source was set up by a variety of business owners and will include opinions, advise and information from other business owners in their respective fields of expertise. So there is no one person behind the site.


You may wish to contact The HBB Source for a variety of reasons including help, guidance or if you are a business owner and want to share your experience and expertise with us, you may want to write for us. If so, please visit the Contact Us Page and submit your enquiry.